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Dress Code

Dress Code guidelines were written by a parent/faculty committee to enhance the educational atmosphere during the school day.  It is the opinion of this committee that students tend to be more disposed to behavior appropriate to their dress style.  Thus students who are dressed to attend school will behave in a manner more suitable for education.

Students are required to wear the school uniform/school gym uniform at all time when attending Wilkes-Barre Academy.  School uniforms/school gym uniforms are pre-designated outfits available for purchase through Flynn & O'Hara (1492 Route315 Highway Wilkes-Barre, inside the Sunshine Market).

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When wearing the school uniform, the following guidelines will be required:

1. All shirts must be tucked in to shorts/pants/skirts/skorts to present a tidy appearance.

2. Belts of brown, tan, or black color are to be worn with pants or shorts.

3. Shoes: Dress shoes must be worn with school uniforms.

Sneakers are only permitted with shorts & skorts between November 1st and April 1st.. Colors—Solid black, brown, gray, tan, or burgundy including shoe laces; however saddle shoes are permitted. No boots (Uggs, rain boots, hiking boots, etc.) are allowed. Shoe heels may not exceed one and one-half inches in height. Sneakers or sandals may be worn with shorts or skorts only and only when shorts are permitted.

4. No shorts may be worn during the period between November 1st and April 1st.

5. Socks, tights, or knee socks must be white, gray, or burgundy in color. Tan socks may only be worn with long pants. Sneaker socks may only be worn with sneakers. Knee socks and tights may only be in solid or geometric patterns (striped, argyle, etc.) and must be white, burgundy, or gray. Characters and images are permitted on silly sock days only.

6. Gym uniforms and sneakers must be worn on gym days. No writing may be on shirts; sleeves and pants may not be cut, torn, or shredded. Gym shorts may only be worn during the months shorts are permitted and must be an appropriate length reaching two inches above the knee. Tops may not be tied or banded in any way. *****T-shirts from school clubs or activities may be worn. (Glee club, Science Olympiad, Winter Follies, Ski Club)

7. Jackets, hats/bandanas, or outerwear are not to be worn in the building including gym sweatshirts, Hoodies, or zip up fleeces. Gym sweatshirts and hoodies may only be worn with gym clothing.

8. No theatrical, black, or distracting hair color or makeup is permitted. This includes hair styles such as Mohawks, etc. as well as pink, blue, bright red colors, etc.

9. No hanging chains, jewelry, pins/badges, or accessories that hang outside of uniforms or detract from classroom safety may be worn.

10. Piercings are permitted in ears only.

11. No tattoos, either temporary or permanent, will be permitted. Writing and artwork on skin is also prohibited.

12. Any clothing or item that distracts from classroom safety or education is not permitted.

13. Rolling of waistband to shorten hem length is not permitted. Short/skort/skirt length should remain two inches above the knee.

Please note: Continual dress code violations may result in a detention.

DETENTION: (Applies to 5-8 grade students only)-While we hope students choose to avoid disciplinary consequences, we must remind parents that students serving after school detention shall remain in detention from 3:45pm until 4:15pm. They may not participate in after school activities and must remain in detention room until parent pick-up. Students not in compliance with dress code or other school policies will choose to receive disciplinary consequences in accordance with school procedure.



Dress Down Days are privileges and can be eliminated if students do not choose to dress in an appropriate manner on these days.

1. No revealing clothing. (No spaghetti strap tank tops, half shirts, bare backs, bellies, or chests are allowed.)

2. Skirts or shorts should be two inches above the knee or capris can be worn.

3. No shirts with inappropriate writing, characters, or musical groups/artists are allowed

4. No ripped, torn, or cut clothing is acceptable.

5. No pajama bottoms or pajama-like clothing is permitted. (Children can bring a pair of pajama bottoms or sweat pants for recess during the winter.)

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