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Continuity in Education Plan

Continuity of Education Plan 

Wilkes Barre Academy

Goal of Plan: 

  • To provide planned instruction to all students K-8.

  • To access and hold accountable student learning through assessment

  • To further education in a virtual classroom setting.

Overview of Plan: 

  • Use live virtual teaching spaces to hold regular classes according to Q-4 schedule. Live classes 2.5 to 4 hours per day.

  • Use our School Portal to exchange coursework between teacher/student/parent

  • To provide instruction, practice and assessment to all students.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning:

  • To advance content level using planned instruction in all subject areas for grades K-8.

Communication Tool and Strategies:

  • All follow student schedules/specific times for all live classes

  • Parent/Student Portal provides frequent and reliable communication

  • All communication such as grade and assessment will be in the school portal.

Access: (Devices. Platforms, Handouts)

  • Zoom Classrooms

  • Packets sent home

  • School Parent/Student Portal

  • Portal Student Calendar

  • Text and Workbooks

Staff General Expectations:

  • Teachers will live stream, teach daily according to the schedule provided

  • All teachers will be available via school email until 3:00 P.M. daily 

Student Expectations:

  • Will attend all scheduled Zoom classes using both video and audio; exceptions when necessary

  •  Students will complete and send assigned work, homework, quizzes and tests on the day they are due.


  • Attendance is taken daily for each class; all expected to attend all classes

  • Parents are notified if students miss class without a prior excuse from them

Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students:

  • Prior to and during early school closure, all students K-8 were checked for ability to access virtual classes using home devices. 

  • All K-8 students are able to connect and participate in online/virtual classroom

Special Education Supports:

  • Our only service in this area is Speech

  • Speech is provided either privately at parents’ choice or by LIU18

 Resource Links:


  • Google Classroom

  • Discovery Education

  • YouTube for Kids

  • Student Texts/Workbooks

  • Student hardcopy packets

  • Genius Scan

  • Parent/Student Portal

    • Calendar of Daily Assignments, homework, and assessment

    • Email contacts for all families

    • Grades to track student progress

    • Report card access

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